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07-16-2011, 01:12 PM
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Ice pant gets caught in shin guards

Hey all,

I bought some new Bauer One80 shin guards along with an S13 ice pant. Problem is, the socks I currently have are small and limit my movement. I tried out the RBK Edge socks. They are nice and stretchy which enable me to move pretty well but unfortunately, since they aren't exactly "tight", my thigh guards from my shin guards don't bend well and the ice pant gets caught in it when I bend my knee.

Any tips? Should I be getting a different shin guard? Once I "break in" the pads, will the thigh guards flex more and not be as stiff?

I just moved up from my old, old, old junior shin guards and they were light and mobile but they don't protect much. Do all senior upper-mid price point shin guards fit this way?


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