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07-16-2011, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by dawkins121 View Post
Yeah the very fact that everyone seems to be willing to give the corporate response and tow the line without hesitation is pretty telling. You'd think that if Richards and Carter were critical to team chemistry there would be a few more players questioning the decision. I know a lot of guys might not say it in public but with the sheer amount of public exposure and the way they get bombarded with media coverage you'd think something would slip from someone about how they weren't comfortable with Flyers trading away two of their best players but so far... nothing.
In terms of on-ice chemistry, they've been pretty bad the passed couple years. When Knuble left, the RW spot became a dumping ground for the extra forward on the team (Nodl, Powe, Carcillo) to go along with Gagne and Richards...and when Gagne left, it seemed to be downhill from there. I think most of the forwards on the team saw SOME time on Richards' wing last season.

As for Carter, the guy has a near perfect playing style as a winger, with good defensive precense...but he never played thw wing well. He hasn't had great chemistry with many players since he'd been here. His best line last year was with JvR and Zherdev. That may have been our BEST line all season, unfortunately with Zherdev in and out of the lineup, it was gutted after just a few games.

As for off-ice chemistry, most of the rumored voids in the locker room seemed to have come from the younger players on the team. Again, with Richards skipping practices with "head colds" when he should he the face of the franchise and an icon in the locker room for the younger players... it wasn't a great match. Now we have guys who know they play hockey for a living. With Richards and Carter...sometimes it just seemed like hockey was a hobby and a paycheck.

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