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Originally Posted by Sarava View Post
I think what he is saying is money is still money. Forget cap space for a minute - 3 million dollars is a lot of money, especially for a guy the Hawks might view as a 3rd pairting dman. I guess you could say that is like you or I wanting to buy a Pepsi. If someone offered one for 10 dollars we'd probably tell them to piss off. it's not that 10 dollars is a lot of's just that it's not worth 10 dollars. Sorta like Campoli not being worth 3 million dollars.

I've had some thoughts that the Hawks might be reeling in the spending a bit. Leo mentioned he thinks the Hawks scaling back the Prospect camp was more of an excuse to save money than anything else. Not sure if I agree or disagree with that. But it does appear to me that the Hawks will not be going near the cap this year.

Even if they are scaling back on the spending, I'm not complaining. There are some front loaded contracts out there like Montador, hossa and keith to name 3, which guarnatee that the actual dollars spent will be at least what the cap is. Plus rocky is still paying Huet.

If the Hawks are scaling back the spending - then I think that makes Stan's off-season moves all the more remarkable. He may have greatly improved the team while spending less money. He's no Jim Hendry.
I've been wondering that a bit myself. Not necessairly because of prospect camp, but this is our second (and final) year of having Huet on the books. We pay him over $5M to not play. If they are even considering buying out or burying Olesz at some point as well, that is money they will have to pay in addition that they won't use. It's possible given the fact we have a solid team right now, they are trying to save a little off the top to keep the books balanced.

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