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07-16-2011, 09:35 PM
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Work for the City Corrections. Thats what I do. 100K without Overtime. Plenty of Overtime. Pension. 20 in and out. Full Benefits for LIFE. 401K.457 as well. ONTOP of your pension.

Plenty of Perks. No more tickets. get out of a lot of jams.

39 credits needed. 21 credits you get in the academy. academy is 16 weeks.

You work at Rikers Island. Put 3-4 years in and transfer off the Island.

Do it. Best this I EVER DID.

And I was a Paramedic Student when I got called. I took the test for the city and within 9 weeks I was called. 6 months and I had a Shield and I.D.

Plus you get to carry a concealed 9mm all day long

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There's plenty of people who make good money counting blackjack shoes. It requires a massive bankroll though. Like 250K+. The main issue is when you're playing at that level you get thrown out pretty fast. Also money management again is an issue. Some people try to do this crap with a $5000 bankroll then wonder what went wrong when they hit a downswing and go bust. I've played games with a 20%+ advantage against the house and lost a ton of money. Card counting gives < a 1% edge. I won't play anything with < a 2% advantage. I will say though, multiple decks makes things a lot harder for an amateur, because if you make a mistake in a single deck game the shuffle is coming soon, make a mistake in a shoe that's at a positive count and that's a big opportunity lost.

There's a lot of perks to playing for a living, though it kinda sucks to go to work and lose 10 grand. One of the big reasons I do it is because the job market sucks and I got tired of going to interviews then get the same BS every time about how I'm not "perfect" for the position. It's ridiculous. Companies are interviewing but not really hiring so they're setting the bar so high that it's basically impossible for anyone to qualify for it. Or they don't want to pay the salary I'm asking for and they're hoping they get someone really desperate who'll work for a huge pay cut. The last 2 times I stated the $ I wanted first then never heard back (unlike in the past a lot of companies don't give salary ranges up front anymore otherwise nobody would go to the interview). Figured I saved us both some time that way

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