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Originally Posted by HawkinMI View Post
Detroit's going to have to give up at least one solid roster player, if not two for Semin. I doubt McPhee is interested in the Wings' draft picks, especially the first because at the lowest it'll be in the 16-20 range. It may be an upgrade to where the Caps end up on the board this year, but maybe not. Plus, the Caps are interested in winning now, not 5 years from now.

Semin may be scary on Datsyuk's wing, but I can still see him having huge stretches where he disappears entirely and Datsyuk has to do everything himself. He seems like the kind of guy that if you try to whip him into shape it will have the reverse effect. He's got some character issues for sure, so Detroit needs to know what they're getting here. If he stays healthy and fairly consistent he's a PPG player, but he may be carrying some extra baggage.

I've said from the beginning of these Semin proposals that the two teams make awful trading partners right now. Really, Detroit makes an awful trading partner with anyone not trying to rebuild or not overpaying drastically to get Datsyuk or Zetterberg. Eklund may know just about nothing in most cases, but you never know.

I think it'll have to be Filppula +. I don't think the Wings have too many pieces the Caps are interested in.
I think you would be right with Filppula + if it were just drw - caps but there is a third team involved according to the rumor. Could be a team rebuilding looking to offload someone who doesn't fit the rebuild. Who knows..

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