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07-17-2011, 08:31 AM
Window shut..for now
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Originally Posted by gotmonte View Post
If I remember correctly, it was the Rangers that decided they were going hard after Joe Sakic and offer-sheeted Joe, leaving Mess' on the outside looking in. He decided to sign with Vancouver and if I am not mistaken was this the same year or close to it that we were gunning hard after Cujo when Richter was a UFA and ended up signing Richter when he got close to signing with Philly. I believe Messier was looking for close to 20 Million dollars and the Rangers were telling him HELL NO yet they turned around and offer-sheeted Joe Sakic 20 million dollars and that really left Messier's jaw hung open.

So its really the Rangers that screwed over their OWN UFA's.

When Messier came back to the Organization Dolan and Him got a glass container filled with dirt and they buried the proverbial Hatchet. And at the press conference Leetch gave Messier the Captaincy because all the Rangers fans were turning on Leetch because we thought he sucked as a captain. So it was only fitting that Messier got it back and a HUUUUGE MONKEY off Leetch's back.

I dont think Messier's legacy is tarnished by any means. He was a true captain that did ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING he could to better this franchise.

He won us a Cup (yes I know it was not only him but he definately took the franchise on its back and brought us to that cup!).

Long Live Messier.

As a Manager? I dont know yet. The vote is still out on him. Time will only tell.

But as a Leader and a Player? Blasphemy for even THINKING about making a post about tarnishing him.

Blasphemy I tell you! the time they offer sheeted Sakic, Mess was already gone. I think that was their way of trying to fill the "void" left by Messier. And no one thought Colorado would match, but they did. Also..that was not the year Richter was a free agent. That might have been the next year or the year after that. But it wasn't the year Mess left. Also, when he came back, it was not Dolan he buried that hatchet with, it was Dave Checketts.

Lol..sorry, if all of that sounds like I'm correcting you..wasn't meant to be that way, but I just noticed your post and wanted to clarify ta few things...I unfortunately have TOO good a memory from that era.

As far as Messier as GM, I think he would be a better coach. Just feel his leadership is much more suited to run a bench, then to be an executive. But hey, maybe I'm wrong. We'll find out when Mess walks in to Glen's office one day with his coffee and bagel, sees his decomposing body sitting in the chair and goes, "Oh ****....guess I'm taking over as GM now!"

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