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Originally Posted by Railman View Post
That's a drop in the bucket when you consider how much money the man makes.

If he needs that extra 250000 or whatever it is, it's that he's a very wasteful person.

It is correct.
You're visualizing hockey players as living like blue collar guys or graduate students, which is ********. They're professional athletes. They live an expensive lifestyle. They have to stay in shape, and they live in a social environment where people were expensive suits, live in nice houses and ride nice cars. They can't eat frozen dinners and live in 1-bedroom apartments like you apparently do. They can't show up to the arena in jeans they bought from Walmart. When they're 35 they have to retire with zero job skills. They don't finish university, they've never worked jobs not related to hockey. They have to make enough money to support themselves and their families at their higher expectations for another 50 or 60 years.

Toronto offered more money, so he went to Toronto. A wise decision. The difference was not $500,000 - it was at least $2,000,000 over the life of the contract minimum once you factor in lower taxes.

I bet you think Cole is a traitor to Caroline. OMG he abandoned the fans in Carolina for the money, he must be a wasteful person and a traitor. He's already madee enough money to last a lifetime, why does he keep playing? He should retire and stay home ...

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