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07-17-2011, 08:56 AM
Genghis Keon
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Doughty's better, but I wouldn't trade Subban to get him. Subban's a great asset and no matter how good Doughty is, he's also a bit of a risk:

1) Doughty has a playboy reputation. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but it can have an effect on the team. We've lived through it, as E = CH² mentioned, and the Flyers just traded Richards and Carter for rolls of the dice. Doughty could mature or his ways might not cause any problems, but it could end up being divisive.

2) Doughty isn't known for his off ice work ethic/commitment. He's ridiculously skilled and talented, so he can get by and excel without dedicating himself off the ice, but your best players are the team's role models, and I'd much rather have guys like Beaulieu follow Subban's and Cammalleri's leads than think they can coast on talent alone because talent alone doesn't cut unless you're exceptionally talented. Despite being better than Subban, Doughty could have a net negative effect on the team, negating some of the difference in the two players.

3) Doughty has had a concussion. Most NHLers get them at some point in time, but they're always scary. They don't always mean much, but they can mean a lot, and once you get one, I start to worry because there's no more buffer zone.

Now if I had Doughty, I wouldn't trade him to get Subban (unless there was a Richards/Carter clique situation) either because he's better and has more value.

Doughty is like a Porsche 911 Turbo that hasn't really been cared for (the owner didn't break in the engine and hasn't followed the maintenance schedule too closely and has used regular gas a time or two) and has what could have been a major repair. Subban's like a Porsche 911 Carrera whose maintenance has been strictly followed and who's, as of yet, never needed any repairs. If you've got the Carrera, you'd be a little leery of trading it for the Turbo because of how it was treated, but if you've got the Turbo and it's still working perfectly, despite its treatment, you're not going to trade it for a Carerra, no matter how lovingly maintained the Carrera's been.

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