Thread: TSN: Doughty vs. Subban
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07-17-2011, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
It's an interesting topic and fun to discuss. And why do you care about the Habs so much, by the way?

All I see from you on the main boards is your attempts at trolling Habs fans and you spend more time on the Habs forum trying to ridicule Habs posters than on your own (mediocre) team's forum.

Try putting your childish personal issues with the Habs aside and act a little more mature. It's just a forum, don't try causing drama all the time.
Eeeeeh, you've been here since march? Is it cause I'm not a huge fan of the jersey? I follow the Habs closely.

As for this topic, I find it absolutely ridiculous. That's my opinion. I've shared many opinion with many Habs fans and participate on the Habs board because as I've said, I follow the team just as much as I do Ottawa. But this thread I find ridiculous and would love to see a similar thread on the main board. And it's not that Subban doesn't get any exposure, because he does on many networks, and if anything, I think Habs fans might not be exposed enough to Drew, which IMO, comes back to the lack of hockey (not to be confused with Canadiens) coverage provided by Montreal media.

That said, I realize that it does not apply in most cases on HF, as fans have a better understanding of the game here than anywhere else. Nonetheless, results like this would not fly anywhere else. PK is a very good young defensemen, I recognize that and enjoy watching him play, but saying PK is better than Doughty is just as crazy as if I were saying that Karlsson is better than Doughty.

And nice little complaint there. You had me tearing up.

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