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I assume you mean aside from Islander games .

We're talking about major acts here. Major events mean lots of people with $$$ and Long Island is extremely popular with concert promoters precisely because it has a large, wealthy demographic and is relatively easy to get to. Just look at all the events that have been booked there over the last few years even with 2 arenas in NJ and the Garden. There's abuot 2.7 million people in Nassau and Suffolk, which combined is more than in Brooklyn. Plenty to support a hockey team and a slew of major events. Those 2 counties could probably suppport a 3rd MLB and NFL team (how LA hasn't had an NFL team in 15+ years is just crazy yet it's essentially due to the same issues being faced here).

And also, don't forget that with the NHL/NBA season lasting about 8 months in a good year, it can be very tricky to book MSG for an event. And just like the Isles and Devs aren't the Rangers, the Nets are not the Knicks. I'm sure they'll do well there in the beginning but if the Knicks are any good no one will care.

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As an outsider I don't really have a strong opinion on this, but there's something I don't quite understand.

Where are all these extra events needed to pay for the new Coliseum going to come from?

By the time the building opens, there'll be high quality competition from a fully refurbished MSG, a brand new arena in Brooklyn, and a relatively new arena in Newark - all of which are surely more desirable venues for a major concert etc.

Promoters aren't going to put Naasau on their tours simply because it's a new building, especially when there's an equally new and better located option within acceptable travelling distance. In that situation, the most obvious way of attracting events would be to offer the promoters better terms, but with 11.5% on all income guaranteed to the County, that option is all but gone.

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