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10-21-2003, 11:19 AM
True Blue
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Doesn't it matter that Malakhov did nothing to start the fight? I'm not a Malakhov fan, but what was he supposed to do? Just keep letting Horton punch him? I can see that rule if both players are trying to get at each other. However in this case, Horton was clearly the aggressor. What irks me is that it occured right in front of a ref. Horton was beginning to punch. WasMalakhov just supposed to stand there and let him?
I guess it did not matter much to the refs yesterday who was actually at fauld or actually swinging. After all, they assessed a 5 minute fighting major to Simon despite the fact that he did not swing at anyone. Ilja clearly jumped on Simon with gloves dropped. How does lying on the ice while someone jumps on you considered fighting?
The reffing was outright atrocious last night. Simon getting called for elbowing when it was pretty clear that Trinka was the one who threw an elbow. Just a bad, bad night for judgement.

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