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09-20-2005, 12:37 PM
B.D. Gallof
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1- Flyers ...well, clearly #1 this year. they have all the tools and coach.

2- Sens ... can they get over the hump, and over the Flyers in the east? plus contigent on Hasek being healthy. a good choice, but don't think they can get past the Flyers in Eastern Conf. But, they certainly, if all things fall into place, can.

3- Canucks (?????) not a terrible choice. quality team with a good coach and powerful offense, solid D. Cloutier, however, does not inspire trust, or a 2.5 mill paycheck. but, they made their bed there.

4- Bruins year 2 of Raycroft will be interesting. this team could make a stir..or could easily underachieve. something about them doesn't give me a solid vibe.

5- Tampa lots of questions and Burke couldn't even wrest the #1 spot from Esche (for good reason, Esche is a far better goalie). Now he and Grahme own the goal...and solid but not the Bulin wall. Most elements are still in place, and a solid team.

6- Flames - young team grew up last year as Kipps grew up in goal. Made solid acquisitions. Could easily re-represent the West. Or a sophmoric slump.

7- Pens (?????) awful choice and should have just mailed $100 to the Penguins to help them as they lose a few more million. This team can and will be a contender in the near future..but despite their pickups they have poor depth, porous defense and a young young team that needs to grow. it will be a big deal just for them to make the playoffs.

8- Sharks ( Me) excellent choice for a team on the rise. great goalie. solid solid team. they could use a bit more scoring punch.

9- Avs lost a lot this year but still wickedly solid with a few new pieces in places. Is Abs the answer for playoffs?

10- Leafs no way....too many brittle men, not enough youth and an old curmegeon in goal who is easily injured. i don't see lots of hope, but they can compete...or at least throw a lot of elbows

Ducks: definately dangerous...definately should be on this list.

Yotes: will make playoffs..but nothing assured. not the deepest of teams or have shown consistency. I am not a Gretzky believer for coach. Boucher is better than Cujo, but nice depth there. they need to make some midyear moves if in the mix to make something happen.

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