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07-17-2011, 03:58 PM
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Kreider and the Love Affair with him?

I am curious as to why Rangers fans consider Kreider a near UNTOUCHABLE in any trade proposal even for Stamkos.

I love Kreider and all but could this thread depict all of Kreiders intangibles and the reasons Rangers fans flat out REFUSE to include him in ANY deal even if it was straight up for a known elite player?

I am not trying to be a troll or stirr up any arguments. I am sincerely looking for the real reasons (not just quick little stats on him).

Why would YOU not trade Kreider for an Elite player

This may be a quick thread and lock. It might turn into a crapfest but I respectably ask the Rangers fans to honestly depict just why he is such an untouchable

Thank you.

If you want to add video to support your argument that would be cool. I know scouting reports are great but a lot of scouting reports wind up wrong. Sang's.. He was rated pretty high.. Now look at him. I know thats just one person. Remember Brendl? LOL

Not saying Kreider will bust. NOT AT ALL. I think he is the REAL DEAL. But can you explain to me and other fans of other teams why you flat out say he is an untouchable?

Thank you

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