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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
perhaps you didn't read the thread title?

IF kovalev called PG and offered him 1y/1m.. Would you?

the question isn't wether or not we should go sign him, it's clearly under the pretext that he approached the team with that offer.

What happens if he gets moody or unhappy, and his play/presence becomes more negative than positive? then we say thanks for the memories, see you later...

@ 1M$, even if we couldn't get some other team to either trade a 7th for him or pick him up on waivers (and at that small sum, I'm sure we'd find a taker somewhere), then we lose that small bit of cap space and move on.

on the positive side, if he shows up to camp motivated and ready to "fit in" (and Kovalev is a player who can/has played well for a variety of coaches in a variety of systems... the issue of him fitting in is always about his attitude), then he'd definitely be an asset to our top-9, and could be slotted in well either next to Pleks or next to Eller/DD.
- I read the thread title, I was just thinking outloud that I don't see a scenario where Kovalev would accept or rather, propose such an offer....

- As for the rest...I dont think he meshes well with JM and what he wants out of his players. I don't see a match there. He seems like exactly the opposite of what JM wants his wingers to do and he won't produce enough for Martin to look past his shortcomings

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
He's 38 years old and he's a very intelligent man. He flies a private jet and runs a hockey school for kids.

He won't be coming in here expecting to play 23 minutes a game and to have the captaincy and to have all his teammates look up to him as their great leader. He'd be coming in as secondary scoring role player and he knows it. With a 35 point season and a higher clip in the playoffs he could retire with honor. He's not the dim-minded drama king your posts are making him out to be.
lol I never said he's 'dim-minded'...

I do think he's a high-maintenance player who someway, somehow...always manages to draw some type of attention to him, granted, often positively but also probably just as much, negatively.

I've got nothing against him...he was great for the habs throughout his tenure here, I tend to think very overrated, but he was the best forward on the Habs for 4+ years...I can't deny that.

I just don't think he's what the Habs need...the Habs have ample choices when it comes to skill/talent. I would rather invest this proposed 1M, into another type of player.

He had his time here, why can't it just be left at that?

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