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07-17-2011, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
the kids did alright?

pouliot was a complete failure, S.Kost, O'Byrne & D'ago were all moved to teams where they almost immediately played a role we definitely could have used...

Subban, thankfully, has a great attitude and took his completely ridiculous 3-game benching in stride, in this day & and age it's lucky for us that he didn't let his ego or the unfariness of the situation lead to a bigger problem.

MaxPac teetered with negative public comments, but again, has sufficient character to make the best of a bogus situation.

perhaps we have very different understanding of what "doing all right" is, but imo, our young players on the whole have not benefited from Martin's approach.

i also believe that both Eller and Weber (and arguably White as well) could/would have been considerably more effective for us late in the season had they gotten deserved minutes/opportunities to learn + build confidence during the season.

It's not necessarily a black-white question of swapping Eller for Gomez 10 games into the season, it's just as easy to adjust minutes game-by-game/shift-by-shift.

with Gomez struggling so bad all season long, instead of constantly shuffling through wingers (messing with their production every step of the way), while religiously playing him 19-20min/game, he could simply have cut Gomez's minutes to 16-17 and bumped up Eller/DD to the 2nd line for a few shifts/game, or used them in the 2nd pp wave.

given how much and how badly Gomez struggled pretty much all season long, it's actually amazing to me that Martin didn't flat out "demote" him to a bottom six role for at least a few games, but again, he could have been using Eller/DD more without having to go that far.
So Pouliot, Sergei, D'Ago and O'Byrne (who was no longer a kid, he is older than Gorges) are JM's fault, but Price, Subban, Pacioretty and Desharnais did well in spite of the coach? You can't have it both ways.

Originally Posted by Edgy View Post
This sounds a lot like the broken record we've heard over and over again when they fail to land big name players.
Personally, I'm glad they "failed" to match or top the 9yr, 65M offer for Richards. Not sure what other "big name players" you might mean?

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