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09-20-2005, 01:55 PM
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I play every thursday with some buddies and I can agree with most things here.

We play with these felt pucks that slide soooo well on the gym floor. They don't hurt too bad like the orange puck/balls do. The only draw back is they are a little light and sometimes if the shot doesn't go off right, there is major curve too it.. but its a small drawback.

As for breakaways.. I tend come in with speed, fake forehand and bring it back to the backhand.. goalie is beat every time its just a matter of myself finishing it.

I'm not much of a deker 1 on 1.. i'll use speed and strength on the outside and use my leg to protect the puck and drive to the net.. works really well but the legs can only take so much of it every game.

And yea.. shoot shoot shoot.. can't go wrong when ya get a shot on net.. we first played with tennis balls which meant crazy rebounds but these pucks tend to just drop in front of the goalie which is even worse for them poor suckers

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