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Originally Posted by Duskfamous View Post
I appreciate what he's done in 94, but he seems like a selfish character when he left for more cash and didn't stay loyal to the Rangers. Especially when fans were excited to see Messier and Gretzky re-united. People say he is the greatest leader the Rangers ever had, but he led to broken promises and disappointment in his final years. Although I may be pushing too much on an old man to carry the team, he should've never left for Vancouver.
"Broken promises and disappointment"?!

Dude, I'm not an NYR fan, but I lived in Manhattan and as an avid hockey fan had season tickets to MSG, 1992-1996. Trust me, that October day in 1991 when Neil Smith traded for Messier is THE CATALYST for why NYR is engraved on the Cup. I'd say he delivered BIGTIME on the single most important promise any player can make to any team.

Having the privilege of attending Game Seven in June '94 and recalling vividly the tears of joy, and decades of waiting, streaming down countless faces, I guarantee you that no one there that night shares your disillusionment with #11.

Put Messier's "faults" on a balance scale. Then put the Cup on the other side. Guess which way it is tipping.

PS - I'm curious why it is a bad thing to optimize one's earning potential by switching companies (teams) and seeking the highest salary possible. No disloyalty on Messier's part, whatsoever, any more than it would be disloyal for you or I to choose to move from one company to another. He got the job done in '94 - he owed NYR absolutely nothing once his contract expired, spring '97.

Originally Posted by chosen View Post
You can argue influence, but for performance on the ice, Leetch was easily the biggest reason for that Cup.
That playoff season, without question. Leetch is rightly a Hall of Fame player and had in '94 one of the most dominating offensive postseason performances from the blueline this side of Robert Gordon Orr.

And, of course, multiple players contributed, as they must on any championship team.

But NYR's march to the Cup started in earnest once #11 was acquired. That was my point.

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