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07-18-2011, 06:44 AM
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Originally Posted by kevindank View Post
The majority of the concussions i have had were from when i was in my youth 1-13. They aren't from hockey, mostly stupid crap like falling from trees etc...

I haven't had a documented concussion in probably 5-8 years.

The head hits that i've gotten recently were from stupid guys in mens league who shouldn't hit because they don't know how. I.E. I got blatently leveled from a goon who had a personal vendetta, Puck was on the bench side of the ice, i was on the complete opposite, he skated up and leveled me, puck wasn't within 20 feet of me.

Then the other night i got boarded from behind head first.
.. I can't really add anything to the many comments already posted, other than this:

Based on the hits you've taken in recent weeks, as a player concerned about hits to the head, you're seriously playing with the wrong crowd of people. Do yourself a favor.....

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