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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Doesn't have to be a lawyer.

Could be anyone in the Org.

I mean, It's obviously not going to be any of the coaches, but Sather, Gorton, Schoney.

They can all present the Rangers argument.

The case is a matter of "Here's what we think you are worth, and here's why"

If Mike Milbury can do it, anyone can.

He made Salo cry

While it doesn't have to be a lawyer, arbitration is essentially a private court proceeding. The Rangers would be quite stupid to not have someone trained in advocacy presenting their case. Dubinsky will certainly have a lawyer presenting his case.

I'm sure there's plenty of employees with a J.D. sitting around MSG's offices, not to mention whatever outside counsel is on retainer.

Hopefully it doesn't come to arbitration, but as the saying goes, anyone who attempts to defend himself "has a fool for a client."

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