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07-18-2011, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Blueshirt13 View Post
Heh yeah its sad but let me just add, its so much easier to sell aisle tickets than it is middle of the row tickets. I split my tickets with my friend's law firm and clients like sitting on the aisle, regardless of the end of the ice its on.

Most of my tickets throughout the year are sold in one form or another since I go to around 20 or so games on broker tickets as a client. 8 rows from the ice with aisle seats sell a bit better (even on the defending end) go a bit better than 11 rows back with middle of the row seats.
You bailed on our old section 115 eh?

I hear ya on the seats being easier to sell on the aisle. That is what I always shot for, but this year with the move they stuck me in the middle... but in the first row of 112. I could have moved back two rows and gotten the aisle, but thought it was worth it to stick with row one for now.

I REALLY wished they had not started section 112 with row 6. Why couldnt they renumber the rows for each new section? I think that is really going to hurt my resales.... people are going to see row 6 and not realize that is the first row of the section. Sucks.

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