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Originally Posted by MessierIsGod View Post
Don't get carried away. The new lower bowl pricing drove many STHs upstairs creating the increased demand for 300s and 400s (plus the new configuration took away some seats). Those sales reps you were with will be busy peddling the emptier over-priced lower bowl. Not as banner as they may think (lower bowl is where the $$$ is, not the $63/$59/$39 300/400 level seats).

There will be the same deals on SH as we've seen in the past.
As someone that has been there before we all know that the money is made in the corporate lower seats but if you want to get your foot in the door you have to buy a season or 2 down low. Until 3 years ago if you wanted season tickets you always spent your first season in the 200,s then relocated up. That went on for about 10 years.In the 90,s it was the exact opposite as the lower seats were almost impossible to get and the 400,s were in much lower demand. You could get 400,s for $15 per ticket and 200,s for $37 per ticket . That was not too long ago. What it all comes down to is if there is high demand for the upper bowl and no inventory there will be some who will buy lower bowl seats with the hope of upgrading. I heard they might actually go back to a waiting list that was done away in 2008 where if you get called you have to take what is available minus club seats or lose your spot on the list. 5 years ago you actually had to leave a deposit to be placed on the waiting list.

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