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09-20-2005, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by H N I C
You are correct Hop works great and helps you. What I do is coming on a break away full speed do the hop fake im a shoot it but pull it back if goalie commits Im a put it where it's open if he stays up and doesn't fall for it I quickly stickhandle like Im going across crease but before I finish going I put it five hole while he;s trying to cheat and stretch to go to the other side. If he however is very quick to come to the side im looking to finish I will pull the ball back n make him go down so I can put it over him. I like to play behind the net alot. I tend to score a lot of goals on rap arounds. I'm ver explosive and quick and fast. Im a good stickhandler, I have a decent wrist shot and I can also play the point I have a solid slap shot. I think playing behind the net especially in Ball Hockey throws the goalie off, he is totally confused when your behind the net. I find it very easy to score from behind the net. Watch out for the Turn around the slap shot, when a player turns around and fires a loose puck. It is a very difficult shot to stop. Good look buddy.
Hey wat is this hop fake thing?

Anyways, yesterday was my first game of ball hockey since last year, and i can tell u i was a little rusty, in the skills department and speed! Definitly my speed was not there as i didnt do too much running in the summer. I can tell u that if you have speed you will do very good in ball hockey, even if you cant score you put pressure on the other team and they lose their breathe and cant keep up.

I have a few moves i did last year, couldnt do them last night cuz i was so damn tired. Well, i have the ball and am doing into the offence, i am about 15 feet from the goalie and there is a D man infront of me, i slide to the left a little so the goalie cant see me since the d man is blocking me and then i flick a rist shot on the net and it usualy goes in. Keep in mind im a righty. I duno how this, the goalie is really good but sometimes it works. Another would be going behind the net and pulling out infront of the net on ur forhand and roofing it on the opposite side . This was working on the msot part last year but then the goalies caught on and i caught on to him cheating to go to the right side so i just adjust.

Anyways just stay in good shape so you can have good speed because speed kills. I found last year if i had good speed and i forcheck good then the rest of my team follows and puts pressure on the D and we score.

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