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07-18-2011, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Panfork View Post
No. I would try to work out a deal including one of our young defenseman for MPS, but not McDonagh. I think McDonagh, in addition to the obvious shutdown ability he's already displayed, has some solid passing potential. He's shown at lower levels that he's a great breakout passer, and I'm anticipating it continuing into the NHL. I think our defense lacks that kind of thing right now. Staal, Girardi, Sauer, already in the NHL. Valentenko, McIlrath, Pashnin for the future. I don't think any of these guys are ever going to be especially good for breakout passes, save maybe Staal. And I believe it's very important to have players on the blueline that can do that. I think for the future, Erixon and McDonagh will be 2 defenseman who are solid as a rock on defense, and can make perfect on-the-tape passes out of the defensive zone. Del Zotto will probably be mostly good for those homerun passes, and powerplay QBing. Gotta hope Staal develops that skill, but I think he'll be more of a shooter than passer.

So, as for getting MPS, I'd love to have him, but not for McDonagh or Erixon, because I think they're both going to be exactly what our defense needs.
I agree with McD on the break out passes. I think Rozy might be the worst in the league at this and it consistently killed us. I remember right after he was traded to PHX, the first highlight I saw with him was a breakout pass at the winger's knees which was promptly countered and brought in for a goal. I do, however, think Sauer was excellent in this area as well, especially for a rookie. Good decision making and hard tape to tape breakouts. It's upgrades in these areas that sometimes go unnoticed by outsiders. But swapping the Rozys and Gilroys for Sauers and (hopefully) Erixons makes us a significantly better team if for no other reason that errors are being eliminated.

As for the trade, I don't see how a deal like this make sense for a rebuilding team. Why shuffle one developing prospect for another? Do you not trust your scouts? EDM is not down on MPS, and at this point they are just accumulating assets, rather than plugging specific holes or making position upgrades. It's one of those, 'well the value makes sense, but neither side would do', deals.

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