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07-18-2011, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by satrabyk View Post
How could you not do that trade. We are deep on D, Mcd is behind Sauer, Stall and probably Girardi in depth list and we have guys that could probably be better in Erixon etc. You guys must think Mcd is going to have some real jump next year because from his play last year idk how you dont make that trade. We have no prospects like MPS that is flashy, big hes the whole package and some serious potential to get more than 15 goals. Id take him in flash for Mcd. Stall or Sauer probably not but MPS is a very good prospect who i would love to have.

PEOPLE ARE REALLY OVERRATING MCD on this board. If u watched last season you would know that Sauer carried Mcd and was the real stud. Im not saying Mcd played bad but give me a break with the untradeable crap im hearing.
Idk what team you were watching but Mcd is not behing Sauer in the depth chart. It goes Staal, Girardi, Mcd, then Sauer. Mcd and Sauer were both rock solid two way players and to say that a 22 and 24yo player wont continue to grow and get better after their rookies seasons is ridiculous. Mcd has shown flashes of being the same type of player that Marc Staal is. And by the way Marc Staal is a #1 dman, and an all-star. You would trade him for a player who with all the hype about him was only able to put up 15g? Come on man!

We have plenty of our own center prospects in Anisimov and Stepan who have BOTH out scored MP and are both under 23yo! How can you say we dont have players like him? Id like to see how far sauer and Mcd progress this season along with the play of Erixon, before i make a rash decision in making a trade.

Are you even a rangers fan since you obviously have no idea how to spell Staals name which makes me seriously question everything else you said. I understand that its your opinion but ive never read anything i didnt feel dumber from reading except when i read this.

I would definatly trade anyone depending upon if it was for the right player. MP for Mcdonagh is a negative move by us. If you were talking about Taylor Hall, then it would be a different story.

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