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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I agree with you regarding his skating, but disagree when it comes to his shot. Plenty of defensemen have been significant contributors offensively without having a big shot. For me, it's an issue with his poise and maturity at the point. His first year he was smooth, and very calm with the puck on his stick. Last year, everything looked forced and clumsy. Those things will resolve with age and experience.

The nice thing is now we have Richards to run the point on the #1 unit while Del Zotto can hone his QB ability on the #2 unit, or in the AHL full time.

That being said, the biggest issue on our PP last year was the lack of movement. Too much passing, not enough skating. Passes don't create shooting lanes as effectively as skating can.
as i said, he doesnt have to have a canon, but his shot needs to be at least threatening enough to pull the defense up to defend him, particularly on the PP. Richards doesnt have the best shot in the world, but he pulls ppl up because he can score goals with it on shots from the point because its on net, and its got a little bit of pep on it. again, its not a CHara blast...but its a good shot, and that keeps the defense honest. MDZ needs to shoot a lil harder, a LOT more accurately, and with a lot more consistency. when you always look pass, ppl wont respect your shot. Theres a reason Richards is an effective player, its because hes a guy who can gut your team with passes, but still shoots the puck hard enough and often enough to keep the opposition honest.

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