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Originally Posted by Pierre Jr View Post
Well first it's not 15, it more like 9. And yes, i'd argue that it can take that long--but it's specific to Montreal. What i mean by that is that Montreal has never tanked a season... Ever. It's easy (or possible) to go from zero to hero in five years when you draft top 5 in the draft 5 years in a row. Montreal has never been in a position to do that because they don't tank. Pittsburgh were allowed; we're not. I'd argue also that it wasn't awesome management by Pittsburgh to suck so hard so that they could draft so high in successive years. They just fell ass-backward into great picks. The Canadiens have had one top 5 pick in recent memory, and they knocked it out of the park. The Canadiens' teams of the early-to-mid 2000's were horrible--completely lacking any stars save usually a goalkeeper that would sit on his head all season. We managed to get by and make the playoffs a lot of those years (miraculously) but because we had traded away so many key assets (and made so many poor draft picks) and got next to nothing in return, it took successive management groups a long time to build up new plethora of assets. Like i said in the last post, it made Andre Savard and Gainey scramble as GM's while they were here, instead of build things up slowly and smartly.
I won't argue about it because most of it is right. While it's true that the fans in Montreal would not allow their team to suck for a few years in order to pick high and have a contender team for many years to come, it's also true that the GM's in the 2000's had a lot of work to accomplish to change things around.

On the other hand, even I always been a big fan of Gainey, as a player and as GM with Dallas, I have to say (in my opinion) that he hurt the team more than anything else. And following your argument, it is true it is hard to fix such mistakes in a short laps of time (Gomez, Ribeiro).

As for Gauthier, not the most flashy GM out there but competent enough so far.

And there's also the draft choices they made in the 2000's. Picking small and/or NCAA players is not what I would be aiming for. But this is a totaly different story and in the end, sometimes luck has something to do with NHL Draft ... I guess.

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