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Originally Posted by MeoTwist View Post
Hello all.

I'm wondering if anyone here knows a place that sells over sized hockey sticks? I'm 6'7ft, off skates. The biggest stick i've found only reaches my chin when im on skates, need about another half a foot for it to be comfortable. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
It's all personal preference, but it sounds like you use a very long stick compared to most people. I'd say most people use sticks ranging somewhere from mouth on skates to adam's apple on skates, i.e. within a couple inches of your chin. Half a foot higher than your chin on skates is definitely a fair bit longer than most would use, have you tried a shorter stick with a higher lie? Not as good for poke checks, but it's a major help for stick handling close to your body.

For example, Willie Mitchell is know for using an insanely long stick, considered very, very long relative to his height and close to useless for anything but poke checking (very awkward for stick handling, shooting, etc.), and even his stick is only about 6" above the chin on skates:

You'll notice that most offensive players in the NHL (anyone who handles the puck a lot, forwards or d) tend to use sticks cut to below their chin on skates, though of course their are exceptions. I'd say Crosby's stick is cut to a fairly standard length for his height in terms of most high level, offensive NHL players:

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