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Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
WOW Pashnin is getting such a raw deal in this poll. He should be so much higher than he is. This guy was drafted #1 overall in the KHL draft and he wrecks people. Fans are going to be SOOOOO surprised come camp.

Mikhail Pashnin = Darius Kasparaitis, (He played for Hartford a few years ago.)

Dale Weise skates too slow to be like Jason Ward.

Actually, Vladimir Denisov was a fiesty undersized D-man too, much like a poor man's Kasparaitis. One step at a time, though... let's see if Pashnin gets signed, makes the Whale, and has the kind of season Denisov did in 2008-09 (62 games, 20 points, 117 pim, +18).

I don't see how you can realistically compare an unsigned 7th round pick to a young Kasparaitis, who was the 5th overall pick in the 1992 NHL draft and wound up playing 863 NHL games. But if you're saying Pashnin equals the Kasparaitis that finished up his North American career in Hartford, then yes, you're probably right.

I won't take credit for the Jason Ward / Dale Weise comparison because someone else made it first, but I think it's accurate to say that Weise's upside probably matches Ward's. Ward had a couple of nice years in the minors in the Montreal system, but he gave up trying to play aggressively because he just wasn't cut out for it. I don't see Weise being effective as a banger either. Is Weise too slow to be like Ward? Jason Ward was no blazer. Ward's best NHL season actually was with the Rangers when he had 10 goals & 18 assists. If Weise ever manages to earn a spot in the NHL as a bottom 6 winger, I imagine he may top out at that.

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