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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Made a slight change to my slapper and backhander yesterday at stick and puck and got a lot more power behind my shots. Dip the leading shoulder before skating into the shot. Seems to get more core rotation or something. Also improved accuracy on slappers, probably making less lateral rotation on the shot.
By "leading shoulder" do you mean the bottom hand shoulder, or the top hand shoulder? i.e. dip your right shoulder if you're a RHS, or your left shoulder?

Originally Posted by Lososaurus View Post
A few things I've learned over 2 years of playing ice:

Everyone: Offensively, if you see open ice, take it. Even if you don't have the puck.

Forwards: If you can reach out and touch the other player with the blade of your stick, they're covered.

Defenders: Put an invisible rope between you and your D-Partner. One in the corner, one in front and as one goes to the corner, the other comes to the front.

Defenders: Play the puck up the boards to wingers. Clearing through center is a great way to give up the puck.

Defenders: If you carry the puck deep, make sure a forward has your point. If not, be ready to get right back to it or leave your D-partner out to hang on a 2-1.

Everyone: Never stop moving. If you stop moving, all passes you receive will get picked off.

Defenders: If it looks like your teammate is going to lose the battle, they probably are. Be ready to skate back and have speed so you don't get burned.

Everyone: Stick on the ice. What can you do with your stick off the ice? Take a penalty, that's what.

Goalies: Talk to your defenders. Raise your voice so they can hear you. This isn't the time for your inside voice.
All great tips, but I'd like to clarify the bolded one. When making the breakout pass to the winger, aim for tape to tape, don't just ring it around the boards. With a tape to tape pass the winger has time to make a move before a defender gets to him, if the winger has to pick the puck off the boards he can either miss it entirely, or be slowed down and have a defender on him by the time he gains control of the puck.

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