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Originally Posted by n8 View Post
I'm not using this as an argument but I'd like to hear your response. MDZ put up 37 points in his rookie season which is more than Paajarvi. How would you compare their successful rookie years and is there any difference?
Few things:
  • Del Zotto was getting 1st PP unit time on a PP that was red hot tp start the season. Paajarvi never had that opportunity.

  • It's hard to compare their seasons because of the vast difference in position between the two players; you could say that Paajarvi had a "disappointing" season using the idea that a defenseman outscoring him is a negative thing, but I wouldn't necessarily agree with that.

  • Del Zotto was coming out of the OHL; Paajarvi out of the SEL. It takes an elongated period of adjustment for a player coming out of a European league, especially at Paajarvi's age, to get comfortable at the NHL level/pace in comparison to a player coming out of juniors.

Originally Posted by n8 View Post
i.e. Paajarvi could have a sophmore slump too - would his value suffer in your opinion and by how much?
I don't think that Paajarvi is really a prime candidate to "sophomore slump" for a few reasons:
  • He never really garnered much attention; when a rookie has an explosive season, one of the reasons that causes them to put up points is the fact that opposing defensive teams don't really key in on them as much as they would for a proven scorer. That is what happened to Del Zotto as the season went on in 09-10, and he never adjusted. Paajarvi isn't really subject to that, so I would say he is more poised to "breakout" than "slump".

  • He'll most likely be given more offensive opportunities next season; he was brought along slowly by the Oilers' coaching staff; one of the major reasons Paajarvi never really "wowed" last year. He needed to be brought along slowly to adjust to the pace of the NHL game, and the difference in ice size between international rinks and North American rinks/.

If he did "slump", his perceived "value" would certainly go down. And, if he did, I would be even more assertive with my dislike in the idea of trading McDonagh for Paajarvi; that's usually the common reaction, though.


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