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Originally Posted by Chalfdiggity3 View Post
Please help me to understand why in gods name you would do that? MP proved close to nothing about all his hype. The guy had 15 goals and hes a CENTER not a LW. We have Anisimov and Stepan who BOTH had MORE pts than this guy and are the same age.

An advanced version of Krieder? Not a chance, they arent close to being the same player and if thats your arguement towards why we should trade Mcd for MP then its dumb considering we will have krieder up with us NEXT YEAR.

Mcdonagh IS ALREADY a solid 2nd pairing defensman. Do you believe he wont progress and get better? If thats what you think then yea by all means make the trade. But if thats what you think then you are sadly mistaken. Mcdonagh has just started to scratch the surface of his NHL career and i personally can see him becoming another Marc Staal like player.

Not interested in trading any of our young d until we find out who fits and everything and even then i wouldnt trade him for MP. the only guy on the oilers i would is taylor hall
Brian Boyle has already pointed out some deficiencies in your post so i will not do the same.

The bottom line is that with all the fan fare that our system gets it's still pretty thin with regards to talente dplayers up front that project out to be top 6 forwards.

Kreider and Thomas...after that it's pretty thin at best.

Zuccs is not long for this team. It's an opinion, but He's not a bottom six guy and I do not believe he can carry the load as a top 6 guy. I could see him flourishing as a decent player on a very bad team, but not someone you want to rely on.

And Carl Hagelin is a perfect 3rd/4th line forward.

MPS, just like Kreider, has WJ18, WJC, WC success. He's come into the NHL in a tough spot up there in Edmonton and posted better numbers than Anisimov did in his first year in the NHL AND Anisimov had 2 AHL seasons to get used to the style of play)

Your attempt at diminishing what he's done at the NHL level falls short.

Also, I personally believe that his ceiling is higher than McD's.

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