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10-21-2003, 12:56 PM
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So, I also would like to see Hossa's talent, he pass the puck too fast and it's the other players on his line who are doing all the work.

Im really not sure what game your watching??? If you put points up your working hard?? Hossa digs all the puck out on that line and if it wasn't for him the line wouldn't be what it is. I watched him many times last night go deeper into his own end to make sure the puck gets out. Helping Riberio and the defense. Has this been mentioned?? I haven't seen Zednik do this yet. Hossa does all the dirty work for that line. Its been 6 games and he's played well and has improved from last year. What good would sending him to the AHL do?? Build his confidence?? I doubt it. Could really damage the kid at this point. He has did nothing to hurt the club. Actually he's did everything well but put the puck in the net. A soon to be UFA should go it only makes sense. I think Sundstrom is the one going out personally.

The facts are most of you that say send him to the AHL will be saying move him up to Koivu's line if he scores a couple goals in the next game. Patience is everything in building a winner and after 6 games isn't showing enough patience in my opinion!
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