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07-19-2011, 03:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
You absolutely can say that a coach is not good with young players "as a whole" even if some young players manage to succeed.

but since you brought up the names:

Price wasn't exactly shinning in 09-10 under Martin, was he?
same for MaxPac...

and Subban, who showed in the 09 playoffs that he was ready for a permanent top-4 role, found his play deteriorating leading to a benching... i seriously wonder if we would have seen him return to form and reach the heights of his stretch-run/playoffs performance, had Martin had not been forced to keep giving him big minutes as a result of our injuries on defense.

but that's irrelevant, because an individual players success/failure is never entirely the coaches "fault", nor is it "thanks" to the coach.

My feeling is that Martin's approach with young players, which he's shown relatively consistently, but mitigated by need (i.e needing Subban to play big minutes, needing to call up MaxPac and play him in the top-6, both b/c of injury AND the player making it absolutely irrefutable that they are a far superior option to the veteran options he has), is NOT the best way to ensure the team gets the most out of them.

that's not the same as saying that EVERY young player is doomed to fail under Martin... you can't think in black/white terms, sport is far too variable.

but I think you can look at patterns, and some coaches have a pattern of not dealing well with young players.

in the past 2 seasons, how many other teams in the league have had 3 young players unable to get consistent minutes only to immediately thrive the minute they arrive in their new team?

where there is smoke, there's usually fire.

Price was doing fine, and Halak was doing great. He is also young, by the way.
The development of Subban is more than fine. He had, what a stretch of 15 games where he was not as focused as he should be, but its ok, now, he's ready to play a second-pairing defenseman at the very least. Its because of the circumstances, not because of Martin ? Well, thats too easy...

Pacioretty was called up because of the injuries ? D'Agostini was promoted because of them too.

If they are playing nicely now, its mostly, because their respective teams are not as good as Montreal is, and the expectations about them are absolutely not the same.
In Montreal, first, they have to fight against other youngsters. If they fail to do so, its not because of Martin, its just that the number of spots is limited and they are beaten by the competition. They also have to follow the principles of the coaching staff, and its normal.

Few questions :

If D'Agostini is still there, what happen with Desharnais ?
If Sergei is still there, what happen with Eller ?
If O'Byrne is still there, when Weber will have a real shot in the NHL ?

You also have to consider the wake-up call behind the fact that you're traded. It means that the organization who drafted you, now, doesnt want to push you anymore. Thats often underrated.

Yashin, Alfredsson, Prospal, Salo, Hossa, Bonk, Redden, Phillips, Havlat, Chara, and even Bouwmeester, Horton or Booth, i'll say he is more than fine about the progress of the young players, and helping them to be as good as they can be on the ice.

Anyway, when we have so many young players in the team while being in the best position we've been since 1993, thats not really honest about the management, but even more towards the coaching staff.

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