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07-19-2011, 06:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
My belief, and it is what it is, is that Martin has a plan to which everybody has to follow. Other coaches, while they also have a plan, are giving the benefit of the doubt to their players and prefer to work on their strenght before addressing the weaknesses. With Martin, you are an offensive player, well you'd have to improve your offensive numbers WHILE you learn playing MY way.

I'll just go back to the Lats example. Lats was not an hitting machine in Juniors. Geez, he'd avoid hits. Then, in the NHL, he HAD to "finish his checks". Unfortunately for him, he was not suited for a Martin type of game 'cause he had that problem of being trapped in a big body while wanting to play a finesse game. Just like Pouliot had to do when it was not working. To the point of taking bad penalties...I mean, first day in Minny, Lats coach asked him "What are your strenghts". Something Lats was thrilled to hear. Which means that he was never asked that question in here. Which, to me, makes no sense. Add the fact that he was NEVER really tested in an offensive role (despite the great proofs by some people in here who will mention the 3 games in 1 preseason or the stint he had before Higgins came back, mentioning he had only scored 1 goal.....but failing to mention he was almost 1PPG....), and you have the bad recipe of something that was called to fail. Again, Lats as some responsability. Just like SKost and others. But I believe Martin does as well. This Habs team had the strenght of being good and which we went to pretty old on the back end, and not as young as we could have been up front. I know, you need your vets....but you also need a friendly cap. And being young and great will do just that.

I will always believe that Martin works great with youngsters who ALREADY play a Martin type of hockey. But they need to understand that not everybody has that maturity. And while it's not a kindergarden, seems to me that while it shouldn't be a majority of players, having babies around could pay off BIG TIME....
You seem to forget that Lats came up with Carbo and not Martin. And seeing how quickly he was shipped outta here after Martin took over, that tells me that the brass had already a pretty good idea of Lats and had made up their mind. Martin's evaluation of the player was probably the last nail in the coffin for Lats.

I understand not liking Martin's coaching but don't revise history to make a point.

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