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Sergei Kostitsyn on the Habs - Russian

Heres the link -

He basically says Nashville is a better atmosphere than MTL, That the habs devloped him poorly and that they are doing the same to his brother

Heres a poor translation from Google. If someone can do a better job please! post it!

Sergei Kostitsyn: "Come see what's what, what the coaches," Montreal "wish from my brother"

Forward, "Nashville" Sergei Kostitsyn told about a new contract with the "predators" and expressed surprise decision by the coaching staff, "Montreal" to put his brother Andrew Kostitsyna 3-4 link.

- It is believed that almost flared up scandal untimely qualifying offer to play a role in the amount of your contract?

- Hardly. Do not know if this is true, but the manager of the club then claimed that "Nashville" in any case would have concluded a contract with me on such terms. And my agent was negotiating about it one day. And the fact that "predators" pulled, so this is understandable: they have installed on thrift, the price of trying to bring down to the last.

- A one-year term of the agreement here, I confess, surprised me. And you upset?

- Not really, although the two-year agreement would, of course, preferable. Although everything is clear: all the waiting, as I myself is manifested in the new season, there will continue to progress. But this is a plus, if all goes well, the one-year contract for something even more profitable.

- At one time in "Montreal" you can not hide his disappointment with some aspects. Yes, and brother Andrew is now no secret.

- What is correct: What joy, then, if I wanted out of that really does not make the fourth link checker, and some of my checker?

And then the coaches, "Canadiens" want from my brother - go and see what's what, too: in the third link to shove, in the fourth. And he with a shortage of playing time in these shifts gives statistics as good as or even better than the players first fives.

In "Nashville" as I have all the fun. And the atmosphere in the team much better than Montreal. The people there kuchkovalsya in groups, but here it and does not smell - all friendly with everyone - quotes Kostitsyna "Pressball".

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