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1936-37 All-Stars

None of the non pay papers had any mention of vote totals, not even how many votes were cast in total. Hockey Outsider gives voting totals from the Globe & Mail in post 125 which match my totals with the exception of his having a 1st place vote for Jimmy Ward at RW.

ALL-STAR TEAMS: 23 voters, 1st and 2nd format
GOALTENDER: FIRST TEAM: Normie Smith, Det 9; Wilf Cude, Mtl 7; Tiny Thompson, Bos 6; Dave Kerr, NYR 1
SECOND TEAM: Normie Smith, Det 6; Wilf Cude, Mtl 5; Tiny Thompson, Bos 5; Dave Kerr, NYR 4; Mike Karakas, Chi 2; Bill Beveridge, Mtl M 1
DEFENSE: FIRST TEAM: RIGHT D: Ebbie Goodfellow, Det 13; Earl Seibert, Chi 5; Babe Siebert, Mtl 2; Cy Wentworth, Mtl M 2; Hap Day, Tor 1
LEFT D: Babe Siebert, Mtl 19; Lionel Conacher, Mtl M 2; Earl Seibert, Chi 1; Bucko McDonald, Det 1
ALTERNATE TEAM: RIGHT D: Earl Seibert, Chi 13; Ebbie Goodfellow, Det 5; Ott Heller, NYR 1; Lionel Conacher, Mtl M 1; Red Horner, Tor 1; Art Coulter, NYR 1; Jack Portland, Bos 1
LEFT D: Lionel Conacher, Mtl M 10; Earl Seibert, Chi 2; Ott Heller, NYR 2; Ebbie Goodfellow, Det 2; Cy Wentworth, Mtl M 2; Stewart Evans, Mtl M 1; Art Coulter, NYR 1; Red Horner, Tor 1; Bucko McDonald, Det 1; Jimmy Fowler, Tor 1
CENTER: FIRST TEAM: Marty Barry, Det 22; Herbie Lewis, Det 1;
SECOND TEAM: Art Chapman, NYA 11; Syl Apps, Tor 5; Bill Cowley, Bos 2; Marty Barry, Det 1; Cooney Weiland, Bos 1; Neil Colville, NYR 1; Howie Morenz, Mtl 1; Bill Thoms, Tor 1;
RIGHT WING: FIRST TEAM: Larry Aurie, Det 21; Cecil Dillon, NYR 1; Dit Clapper, Bos 1
SECOND TEAM: Cecil Dillon, NYR 6; Johnny Gagnon, Mtl 5; Mush March, Chi 3; Jimmy Ward, Mtl M 3; Dit Clapper, Bos 2; Larry Aurie, Det 2; Herbie Lewis, Det 1; Aurel Joliat, Mtl 1
LEFT WING: FIRST TEAM: Busher Jackson, Tor 15; Sweeney Schriner, NYA 3; Herbie Lewis, Det 3; Aurel Joliat, Mtl 2
SECOND TEAM: Sweeney Schriner, NYA 8; Aurel Joliat, Mtl 6; Herbie Lewis, Det 5; Busher Jackson, Tor 4
COACH: FIRST TEAM: Jack Adams, Det 9; Cecil Hart, Mtl 7; Lester Patrick, NYR 4; Art Ross, Bos 2; Dick Irvin, Tor 1
SECOND TEAM: Lester Patrick, NYR 10; Cecil Hart, Mtl 7; Jack Adams, Det 3; Tom Gorman, Mtl M 1; Clem Loughlin, Chi 1; Dick Irvin, Tor 1

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