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07-19-2011, 09:12 AM
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Martin strikes me as a coach who only is interested in the present, i.e. what the players can do for him on the ice right now, and the antithesis of a coach whose style reconciles both today's needs and those of the future. The latter coach does exist, although the best examples that come to mind are in soccer, guys like Arsenal's Arsene Wenger and Man U's Alex Ferguson. The former, in particular, recognizes the importance of mentoring young players.

Meanwhile, the word "mentor" and Martin seem absurd when used in the same sentence (even if Martin has other qualities as a coach: he does manage the "now" okay). So it's not a coincidence that the results with young players are haphazard: some kids are tough enough and self-correcting enough to make it through, others are mishandled and shipped out to other teams at while at their lowest value.

From a strict commodity valuation standpoint, too strict an emphasis on the now simply squanders valuable resources.

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