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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Huet played on fire after he was traded and almost took a terrible washington team past the flyers. If boston can beat Vancouver anyone can win in a final, that is why they play the games duuuuh.

Everyone would complain we didn't trade our starting goalie right before the playoffs after having the best season in 20 years? Wanna come back and try again?

Oh noes, i've lost all credibility with nail jenkins on hfboards! Whatever will I do? If you want to kiss gaineys ass and make excuses go ahead just don't come in here tossing around "lost all credibilities!!?!?!1!" on an internet forum alright?

The team was on fire that year, everyone was jelling and we were looking like a true contender. Then Huet gets traded for nothing, the team was very shakey in front of Price and he collapses. The rest is history.

Go find me another team that traded their starting goaltender right before the playoffs for nothing.

Tanguay is quite amazing with Iginla, we traded good picks for him and let him go for nothing. Total waste of assets and anyone who throws assets away for nothing doesn't belong near an NHL team.
But that's exactly what you did when you say that we would have won the cup with Huet. It's that brutal a comment. And for a guy who likes to preach about how other people are too optimistic/unrealistic about the team you sure as hell are drinking the grape kool-aid if you actually believe we'd have won the cup with Huet.

First of all a big part of the reason they lost game 7 was Huet allowed a softy. Second of all they lost in the first round and didn't get passed Philly.

Thirdly I really doubt Gainey has a crystal ball and could have known Tanguay would ***** out of playing in the playoffs when the doctors okay'd him to play. If you'd re-sign a guy who bailed out on your team during the playoffs just because he was a pending UFA and worried about his next contract then you shouldn't be anywhere near an NHL team as general manager.

I love how you talk like you're better than Gainey or could have done a better job when it's clear as day not only could you never even do 10% of what Gainey did. You're so deluded you think the Huet trade was the only thing standing between us and the cup

So when a poster says you lost all credibility don't try to turn around and laugh it off with a stupid joke while inserting a bunch of drivel along the way. You aren't better than Gainey, you certainly have lost all credibility though that was long ago not in this thread.

Even a poll on the habs forum you'd lose by a landslide claiming we'd have won the cup with Huet.

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