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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
This line doesn't make me a knowitall.

I think we're having a discussion. Not an argument. It's not even about your direct post to Ola. It has more to do with the way you carry some of your opinions. It's kind of hard to take someone seriously when they firmly believe a prospect like Kreider is not only ready for the NHL, but ready for a 1st line role. Or that a prospect like McDonagh is that much more valuable to this team than a player like MPS would. Or that nobody in our pipe-line can potentially replace him.

This doesn't mean I would pull the trigger on the OP's proposal. Based on the players ceilings, and our organizations strengths/weakness's, it's an interesting idea that could benefit our team and ultimately improve it. I can't imagine how anyone could argue this. Again, it's all hypothetical, but the odds of those "if's" pan out aren't that far-fetched.
Do you take Gordie Clark's opinion seriously? Because he said Kreider is ready and said Kreider could step into the NHL.

Look at the "Miller" thread. Rangerboy posted a video interview with Clark and Gorton.

Just because I have a passionate opinion, or feel passionately about hockey, doesn't mean I believe I know everything.

If you don't want a personal argument, then please don't try making personal attacks. I don't want or need any personal arguments, vendettas, or attacks.

Talking hockey is one thing. Having strong opinions about hockey related matters is one thing.

If we disagree, then disagree. No need for personal attacks.

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