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Originally Posted by Blitz View Post
I can't see Buffalo even batting an eye at him. Everyone knows Ruff is not a fan of Russian players & vice versa... Max was a good team guy & he still had issues with the Sabres coaching staff, same with Kalinin. Not to mention the $$$ I'm sure Yashin still thinks he's worth.
Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post
It's always Ruff's fault when Russian players are discussed. Such nonsense.

A North American player does something their coach doesn't like and gets benched : It's the players fault. He should have listened!

A European player does something their coach doesn't like and gets benched : THE COACH IS BIASED AGAINST TEH EUROS!!!

Russian players have had problems with strong minded coaching for years all over the NHL.
I personally have never heard of Ruff having an issue with his Austrian, Czech, Swede, Slovak etc... players, so I am not sure where your Euros rant came from exactly.

Apparently you missed the "Vice versa" in the original post (or are unfamiliar with the meaning) - Lindy is biased against Russian players' attitudes/style in general, that is not a secret... Russian players dont like playing for Lindy Ruff, also not a secret... I wouldn't (and didn't) say it is Ruff's "fault", as the feelings seem to be fairly mutual. It is however (IMO) a big reason why there are no Russians on the team.

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