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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
It doesn't matter who you were talking to. And it doesn't matter which thread you were saying it in. The lining of each and every single one of your posts can best be described as a know-it-all. You don't give yourself the benefit of doubt by posting things like "I think" or "imo". Instead, you throw around your opinions like they're facts.

MPS doesn't have to be elite to be a likely candidate for this team going forward. McDonagh will never be elite at anything, so I don't see where the problem with this proposal is.
First off, MPS would be good for this team yes but we do have a VERY simliar player in Krieder who from Clark and Gortons mouth is ready to play and play WELL in the NHL. I personally would rather try and trade MDZ + or whenever we find out how good our youngster end up being, to trade Girardi +.

How can you say McDonagh will never be elite at anything? Can you see into the future? do you know this already? If so you should be a scout for us so we can draft all the best guys. McDonagh is 21yo and in his first season he played OUTSTANDING. He has all the talent and skill to be just as good as Staal.

It's more of the same with you. Overrate our guys, and underrate the outsiders. I tend to overhype and overrate my guys too, because, unfortunately, I can be a bit of a homer. But I watch enough hockey outside the Rangers to have an idea of how good a player is, and can be.

The swap I took at you about your age/experience was meant as some food for thought. When you go around telling people what wins games, it's kind of a slap in the face to them considering they already know what wins games. They don't need your proffesional outlook. Your tutoring. Your mentoring. Ola's been watching the game longer than both of us. Is he that ****ing stupid where he needs a lesson from someone half his junior?
Everyone is going to overrate their own prospects regardless of who they are and what team they root for. I think alot of people watch hockey outside of the rangers and have their own views and opinions on players that differ from others.

Fact is MPS can potentially impact this team more than a guy like McDonagh. You can't argue this. The gears in motion within our organization has its strengths and weaknesses. Only a fool would assume a scoring winger like MPS isn't as vital as a second-pairing LD.
The fact is, that you really dont know what your talking about and it can easily be argued. Each player ended up having a very good productive 1st year. Yes MPS would help our offense but Mcdonagh was HUGE for our defense last year. Both are extremley young and in their 1st nhl season. Mcdonagh came in and became a very good 2nd pairing dman, and to think he wont get better with each year and become a 1st pairing dman is just arrogant. Yes MPS will get better as well but i believe Mcdonagh had a better season than MPS and he only played half a season.

Would I pull the trigger on this trade? Maybe. There are quite a few variables that i'm oblivious to at this very point of the season. If Erixon and Del Zotto are ready to game this fall, then a McD/MPS swap has its merits.
Id have no interest in trading Mcd for MPS. I have full confidence that Mcdonagh will become a #1 dman, along with possibly Erixon. Id rather have 2-3 #1 dmen signed at a very good price, who are all under 26yo than have MPS and Krieder fight it out for a top 6 spot. If we end up with a defense that we are all expecting then i think that would make Girardi expendable, where we can trade him with other peices for a more serious upgrade than MPS.

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