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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
His rookie year was a success. So, no need to discuss that one.
The following year, it was a tough one for him. Like for most of the team. Carbo lost control, and the whole team went downhill. Price was surrounded by controversies, but he was very well protected, and the team didn't back out on him. It was a complete zoo. Should we single out SK? Why? Carbo didn't communicate with his players. I strongly doubt he actually gave them training requisites for camp time. That would explain why so many of the players that were here under the Carbo era were said to be so out of shape by Martin.

Last year, he was injured at camp, so I don't know why you're saying he didn't work his ass off. He played two pre-season games. He played with bottom liners like Moen, White, Maxwell, Lappy, Stewart for most of his ice time. In his 2nd game, again, he was paired with these guys until Cammy got hurt and left the game as a precautionary measure. SK was put along side Plek and D'Ago and he scored a goal. That line was actually very effective.
After the game, he was sent down, while guys like MaxPac, D'Ago, Lats and Chipchura (all unimpressive, moreso than SK) remained with the club.

Martin lashed out at SK during a skate, and the media wasted no time zooming in on him as the dark horse. As camp went on, as well as the season, it became evident that SK was far from the only one that came into camp out of shape (and unlike others, he was actually injured). Now, you can question why he came into camp in bad shape, but then let's look at the previous years. Carbo as a coached never made his players work hard. He was terrible and we were never lead to believe the coach demanded a high level of fitness from his players. That became very clear once Martin came in and started saying things like he's never seen so many players out of shape, etc..

He was sent down, and before he even refused to show up in the AHL, plenty of people were questioning the move. There was no reason for it. Not when you had worse players kept for a top 6 role. In any event, he refused to present himself and that's when all the fans turned on him. They pretty much all gave the benefit of the doubt to the staff and Sergei was scratched off.
When Sergei came back, he spent a lot of time with Moore/Moen. He got some opportunities with higher caliber players like Plek/Gomez/Cammy when injuries occurred, but he never benefited from PP time. In 47 games, he got 12min of PP time which amounts to 15sec per game. He scored 18pts at ES playing about 12min per game, just so you know, that was better than Gomez, Plek, Cammy and on par with Gionta. He was one of our best producers at ES. So really, it's not so bad, but you can't expect fans to see through the hate after he ''insulted'' their team by not following orders.

Now I don't care about Sergei. The kid is gone. That being said, dismissing management from any fault is simply wrong. They completely mismanaged him.
Yea, he's a brat. St-Louis suspended Oshie this year for missing practice, you think they're gonna cast him out? Of course not.
Pavelec did the exact same thing SK did. He said management promised him a fair shot that year. He outplayed the other keepers, and then got sent down. He felt management played him and didn't leave up to their promises, so he refused to show up in the AHL.
SK held the exact same speech. You can either choose to believe his words, or say that he's lying. I don't see why he'd lie about anything.

I never said I was, but neither were you. But we were never given any reason as to why he was sent down in the first place. There's the alleged altercation between him and Gomez in preseason, but that was dismissed.
Gainey said they planned to send him down after the Sabres game which was before this supposed ''fight''. Reasons were never give as to why they really sent him down though (unless I missed something).
He missed one bus, and then Martin was shown screaming at him during practice. Personally, I think management didn't want to risk going into a season with any type of distraction and so decided to send him down. It clearly wasn't the right decision.
When you have a problem, you try to fix it, not hide it somewhere. If you just toss it aside, then it'll just come back eventually.
We could have used SK's production and skill last year. Instead we struggled without a top 6 for most of the year.

I don't care if you think he's a whiny little punk bizatch. He's a good hockey player that we lost for nothing, that's what matters.

Teacher is not always wrong. But didn't MaxPac say if he's to be called up to play on the bottom line and get scratched after every mistake, he'd rather play quality time in the AHL instead??

Teacher isn't always right, nor is the Student always right.

Coaches in hockey will get fired often because it's simpler to change them as opposed to players.
We saw what SK could do with us during his rookie year. He had a tougher time the following year, but still, you knew he had the talent.
His last year with us, he was sent down right from camp and it all went to the crapper. Still, his ES production was among the best of our team.
Last year he only had 7 points less than Plekanec (our leading scorer) despite playing about 500min less.

Again, yes you can call him anything you want, but he was a valuable asset no matter what. We lost him for nothing. I would have agreed with you that perhaps it was really just all his fault if he had problems in Nashville. That wasn't the case as you know. We will see how he does again this year.

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