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07-19-2011, 12:04 PM
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JM has a very simple attitude regarding Veterans/Youngsters. He believes (probably rightly so) that in the playoffs, it's your Veterans that will have the mental resilience to keep on going at all cost, and your youngsters will provide with bonus performance, but might be inconsistent and crack somewhat, become liabilities.

So he wants his group of veterans to produce and be constant at all cost. The veterans are like a fixed income component in an investment portfolio, you have to rely on them for basic production.

With that in mind, he gives them solid TOI every game. He simply hopes that him giving his trust, and somewhat juggling with their lines will eventually make them produce. This is why when Gomez/Gionta were finally producing last year with MaxPac, JM started putting more energy into making the 3rd line work out.

The only moment JM will deviate from this doctrine is if he NEEDS to win. His 1st priority is to have his veterans get on running in time for the playoffs. If this means he will get only 6th seed rather than 3rd seed, well so what?

But he balances this desire with the need to at least make the playoffs. So when he's desperate to win, he'll start moving and send more energetic youngsters on the ice. This is why we'll always scrape for the playoffs, at least. But JM's first priority is to have a sound and confident core that can make it through 4 series in the playoffs.

It's not "win at all cost"

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