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Originally Posted by Em Ancien View Post
How did he put himself in front of the team? I just checked the replay of that game. He played the play perfectly. No one cleared the crease and Halak let in a screen shot. I don't think he got any more playing time in that game and got marginal playing time the other games.
If you can, watch what happened in the neutral zone. That is where he made his selfish play. Its a shame really because you won't see the whole string of events. Andrei scores the hat-trick, him and Sergei are laughing on the bench. Then Sergei gets out and tries to pull 3 or 4 dangles himself in the neutral zone instead of getting the puck deep. The puck is turned over, shot around the boards, it ends up at the point and they score. This all happened right at the end of the period, a crucial time, in which Montreal probably would have kept the lead if it didn't happen.

As I said, I'm not big on headcases, but when it was game time, he turned it on. I'll take that over all-talk, no-play Gomez.
I do not see any evidence to support that he "turns it on" more than Gomez in the playoffs.

Cohesion of the team is important, I agree. But we ditched someone who could be second on our team in scoring, tops in +/- for nothing. Nothing. At some point, if the guy is hustling on the ice, you got to meet him there, not make sure he won't give a **** about you.
"Could," the simple fact, is you are taking his point totals from another team, in a different situation. You are also taking a smaller sample size than what he played on the Habs. Weak argument IMO.

He was had for nothing because he had little to no value at the time because of his perceived problems between his ears.

I don't know exactly how it all went down inside, so I can't comment on that, but it's not like being outspoken is the be-all, end-all of attitude. He gave what he could when it meant something, that's a whole lot better than some of the pathetic excuses in terms of effort we have on the team.
I do not agree with this statement, and I don't see how you could make such a definitive statement like that either.

I am also curious to see how he does next year. It would not be remotely the first time a player does well for the immediate future after changing teams. When you look at his shooting percentage, it is way too high, especially for someone who does not possess a good shot.

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