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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Lol, I copy/pasted it from your post...but anyways, best case scenario...I think Kovy would be more of a ground rule double, then a grand slam homerun lol
Haha fair enough. I'm too lazy to go back and look, so I'll take your word for it.

First of all...I don't think there's a possibility of Kovalev offering his services for 1M, ESPECIALLY to Montreal, I think his ego's way to big for that lol (just an assumption on my part, granted). But again, if the Habs are looking to add a cheap, player to their bottom 6, there are alot better option than Kovalev right now.
Agreed, I was just going with the theme of the thread. I personally don't think he would offer to play for us, at such a low amount.

Of course there is, but we're going by what the OP has proposed. As I mentioned, if the OP had provided a list of players who would be willing to sign with us for 1M. My answer would probably be different, depending who was on the list.

But let's just say, God forbid, today we find out Cammalleri hurt himself training in the offseason and will miss the first 3 months of the year. Then signing Kovalev would make more sense to me and it's something I might consider, at the right price of course.
Agreed, but what's the difference between having him on our roster from the beginning of the season, to signing him once we lose a top six winger? Especially if we can get him for 1M right now.

Well, like I said...I think his 'love of Montreal' is overstated. That was a competitive offer, had he 'loved' Montreal as much as many of his groupies think, he would of been all over that.
I can't argue this, as I don't know for sure. In saying that, hockey is a business. You can love your job, but if you feel you can get a few extra bucks on your contract. Would you not give it a shot? I just think that Kovalev didn't consider the fact that the Habs had other options. He got greedy and it backfired.

Kovalev spent the last 1 and a half on a putrid Ottawa Senators team, where he didn't get along with the coach and they missed the playoffs his 1st year and were even worse last year. He had an opportunity to play on a team heading to the playoffs...what more motivation do you need?

Do you guys really believe that the Montreal Canadiens are the center of the universe and some players will try harder here? Come on man offense, but that's just fantasy. Kovalev flopped in Pittsburgh because they play a high tempo style in Pittsburgh, Bylsma asks alot from his forwards in terms of forechecking and playing at a high tempo and Kovalev just didn't fit in with his 'slow it down' way of playing...and he's too stubborn, or maybe just unable at this point in his career, to adjust his game accordingly. I mean, they brought him over to score goals, the dude had 28 shots on goal in 20 games there
Now you're putting words in my mouth, as I never said anything remotely close to that. Kovalev came out and stated within days of signing the contract with the Sens. That he wished things had worked out differently and that he was back with the Habs. To me that sounds like he would "try harder" if given the chance to come back to play for the Habs. I'm not sure though, maybe that's just me.

I would say he flopped in Pittsburgh more because his center for more than half the time he was there, was that Mark Letestu. With a variation of James Neal, Dustin Jeffrey, Maxine Talbot, Eric Tagrandi, Micheal Rupp, and Chris Kunitz playing on his opposite wing.

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