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Originally Posted by Freaky Habs Fan View Post
And if Carolina won the cup, and Edmonton made it to the final, anyone can win if they make the playoffs. That's why it took some balls to trade away Huet at the deadline. That's also why you don't trade away players like Souray, Koivu and company at the deadline when you are in or really close from the playoffs.

We don't exactly have the players to aquire a boatload of picks and young studs do we? Or maybe you want to trade Price and Subban?
Anyone with a brain or a clue watching that habs team knew it was half dead completly reliant on Souray. It didn't stand a chance so no, not every team has a chance. You are telling me a team that couldn't even MAKE the playoffs had a chance to win the cup? What was the last 8th place team to win a cup?

Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
Hahaha wtf

Your shtick is so tired, and now you're resorting to flat-out lying and re-writing history to try and prove your points. Good job.
The caps made the playoffs by 2 points in a terrible division where no one else made the playoffs and needed Huet to go on a 11-2 tear to do it. Then Huet almost carried them over the flyers. You are calling me a liar? Don't embarrass yourself further.

Originally Posted by WeeBey View Post
Detroit and Pittsburgh were much better teams in the playoffs than the Canadiens that year. Huet could stand on his head every night but the fact that the team couldn't bury the best of chances in the second round was just as much a problem as Carey's weak glove hand.

Boston beat Vancouver because Vancouver rolled over and died the second the Bruins turned up the intensity, I wouldn't have expected that from Detroit at all. Huet is also no Tim Thomas. He never was and never will be.

Yes. Everyone complains that we let Souray walk for nothing, that we let Koivu walk for nothing, that we let Ryder, Kovalev, Komisarek, Tanguay walk for nothing. Why wouldn't they complain that we let Huet walk for nothing?

Your argument only really makes sense if the team had won the cup, which they wouldn't have. Huet wasn't as big a part of the teams success that year as some people (generally people who like to complain about everything) would like to believe. The team was second in goals scored that year for God's sake.

The team was 11-3 when Price played in nets after the trade. I don't know how that's considered a collapse. He was also just fine in the Boston series. It wasn't just Price that messed up the Philly series, as I pointed out earlier.

What the hell were we gonna get for Tanguay? Trade him at the deadline while we're trying to secure a playoff spot? Trade him in the offseason after coming off a so-so year and a very questionable injury? If Wiz gets you a 5th-7th rounder after the best season of his career, what the hell do you expect to get for a possibly severely injured Tanguay?
Washington and Pittsburgh were much better teams too, means next to nothing when you have a hot goaltender. Ask Leighton and then ask boston.

Leighton is no tim thomas either but he went right to the finals too didn`t he? I guess Huet is no leighton either. It makes me laugh that you "fans" and I use that term loosely, have no expectations of going to the finals after dominating all year. God the excuses are just thick.

I already explained why Huet shouldn't have been let go and why it would have been acceptable to let him walk, go back and read.

My argument makes perfect sense to pretty much every GM that has ever existed apparently. Go and find me another GM that has traded his starting goaltender a couple weeks before a big playoff run. Go ahead look.

Price wasn't fine, he wasn't ready. We almost lost to poor boston team and he was not ready at all in the philly series. He let in terrible weak goals and cost us all momentum after we completely dominated them. Pretty straight forward stuff here.

If you know you aren't going to sign a player you gave up good assets for you trade his right. Doesn't matter what we got for Tanguay, something is better than nothing. Makes your meandering arguments pretty moot.

Originally Posted by neofury View Post
But that's exactly what you did when you say that we would have won the cup with Huet. It's that brutal a comment. And for a guy who likes to preach about how other people are too optimistic/unrealistic about the team you sure as hell are drinking the grape kool-aid if you actually believe we'd have won the cup with Huet.

First of all a big part of the reason they lost game 7 was Huet allowed a softy. Second of all they lost in the first round and didn't get passed Philly.

Thirdly I really doubt Gainey has a crystal ball and could have known Tanguay would ***** out of playing in the playoffs when the doctors okay'd him to play. If you'd re-sign a guy who bailed out on your team during the playoffs just because he was a pending UFA and worried about his next contract then you shouldn't be anywhere near an NHL team as general manager.

I love how you talk like you're better than Gainey or could have done a better job when it's clear as day not only could you never even do 10% of what Gainey did. You're so deluded you think the Huet trade was the only thing standing between us and the cup

So when a poster says you lost all credibility don't try to turn around and laugh it off with a stupid joke while inserting a bunch of drivel along the way. You aren't better than Gainey, you certainly have lost all credibility though that was long ago not in this thread.

Even a poll on the habs forum you'd lose by a landslide claiming we'd have won the cup with Huet.
It is optimistic to expect a cup after finishing top 3 in the league with two hot goalies (before trade)? Wow erxpectations have really sunk low, I thought this team used to be the best now you guys barely expect to make the playoffs let alone contend. I was being more realistic than anything and if you ever watch hockey you will notice many teams gel for a single amazing year and then the window closes and they come back down. Edmonton, Calgary, Boston and Montreal in recent memory have all had cinderella runs for one reason or another and that was our year.

Wow Huet let in a softy? They would have missed without him and Price let in several softies a night. Point irrelevant.

You don't move assets for a 1st line player and then throw them away, unless you want to be on the outside looking in.

You know what, the fact i would not have made the gomez trade already puts me head and toes above gainey, I can just sit on my hands and make sideways moves too. He rode past success and his playing career here, it really amazes me he lasted as long as he did.

I will laugh at anyone who throws around the "credibility" line on an internet forum. That is some funny ****.

I would lose in a poll by a landslide on these forums? That doesn't suprise me one bit, these are the same people who were more than overjoyed to get gomez and thought gainey was the best GM in the league. When people disagree with me on here I almost feel confirmation of my beliefs LOL

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