Thread: News Article: John Jaeckel: Blackhawks Chemistry
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07-19-2011, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by DirkGraham View Post
He didn't mention Kane's name once in that article; good or bad. I think that's the first article I've ever read about the present day Hawks where his name wasn't even mentioned once.

Take it as you will, but my feelings are that he is refering to Kane based on this small fact. Just an observation and my opinion. He won't mention him in the bad stuff (obviously) so I feel there's no way he'd mention his name in the good stuff either.

Am I reading too much into this?????

No, you're not reading too much into it. That's exactly what the author meant to do. Anyone who doesn't think the author is talking bout Kane is either ignorant or just living in homer denial. I knew as soon as I read the article that most of the posts here would be authored by homers who would put the blame conveniently on players no longer on the team. Easy cop out for the homer patrol.

The fact that the author lists all the key players on the team who are hard workers and the ONLY player left out is Kane is a big clue from the author as to who he is talking about.

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