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Originally Posted by Favre4Favre View Post
I agree with you, watching Kovalev play is not something I would recommend for people with high blood pressure. In saying that though, I've never heard one negative comment from a former team mate about him. Sure some might not be vocal, but after playing all these years. You'd think that atleast a couple would come out and say something negative about playing on a line with him. The worst I've heard is he likes to extend his shifts from time to time.
Also the whole "only shows up for 1 game out of 5" comment is exaggerated as well.

Nobody in the NHL only shows up for 1 game out of 5. This perception of Kovalev being more talented than Lemieux but not putting up points due to effort is just plain wrong.

On some nights he didn't show up, I know this even as a fan of his, and he did some selfish things on the ice too at times. That having been said everyone makes mistakes and the fact that his "not showing up" now and then has been magnified by the fishbowl and also fans exaggerations certainly doesn't make it true.

I'm not saying he isn't finished, just saying 1 year 1 million is worth a shot no matter which way you slice it. Other players don't want to play here, you get a player that bleeds bleu blanc et rouge and you take the chance, they give us the respect a lot of other players don't. Plus unlike other random UFA willing to sign here Kovalev gave 4 years of his life to this city and like I said in my original post about it no matter which way you slice it consistently being a 65pt guy on average over 4 years means you showed up a lot more often than 1/5 games. Try 4/5.

Originally Posted by Paul Dipietro View Post
Unfinished? The guy was a HUGE deal here in the latter half of his contract

Sometimes I get the feeling that the only reason some people want him back is the fact that while he played poorly in the last 2 seasons, it wasn't for us... I can't imagine how different things would be if he actually did
If he played an entire season on Malkin's wing while the Pens players all racked up points and he didn't and kept getting moved around, benched, etc, then I'd agree with you.

He played for the Ottawa ****ing Senators for christs sake. A team that had career lows across the board. From there he went on to a decimated Pittsburgh. Who is to even assume he wouldn't have continued pace if he had stayed with us?

His first season in Ottawa though they were bad, he wasn't statistically bad at all. The second season they were much worse and it's reflected in his stats as well. I really doubt if everyone on Ottawa was gelling and they were making the playoffs Kovalev would have been the one anomaly doing terribly

Is Gonchar finished now too because he plays for Ottawa?

Personally I don't like using Gonchar as an example cause I just plain don't like him, but even I can see it's a relatively fair comparison.

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