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Anyone with a brain or a clue watching that habs team knew it was half dead completly reliant on Souray. It didn't stand a chance so no, not every team has a chance. You are telling me a team that couldn't even MAKE the playoffs had a chance to win the cup? What was the last 8th place team to win a cup?
No team does that though. If you can realistically make the playoffs, then you don't trade away key players for picks. You don't. It doesn't happen.

Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Washington and Pittsburgh were much better teams too, means next to nothing when you have a hot goaltender. Ask Leighton and then ask boston.

Leighton is no tim thomas either but he went right to the finals too didn`t he? I guess Huet is no leighton either. It makes me laugh that you "fans" and I use that term loosely, have no expectations of going to the finals after dominating all year. God the excuses are just thick.
Lol, so because I'm realistic I'm not a "fan"? I'd say the guy that wants to see the team fail for five years in a row so that we can MAYBE win a cup in another five years is the questionable fan.

I didn't have low expectations that year. I was pretty excited and I thought the team had a legitimate chance. Not because of Huet but because everything was clicking so well. When I saw the team slowly lose it's touch during the Boston series and into the Philly series, I realized that Huet wouldn't have been the solution. Like I said, the team couldn't buy a goal against the Flyers, how the hell would Huet have changed anything?

Leighton really wasn't that hot either. The Habs were just awful in that series. He didn't look so hot against Chicago did he?

I already explained why Huet shouldn't have been let go and why it would have been acceptable to let him walk, go back and read.
Yeah, and it's a lame explanation and only makes sense if you're genuinely delusional enough to believe that Huet was the only thing keeping this team from winning the cup.

My argument makes perfect sense to pretty much every GM that has ever existed apparently. Go and find me another GM that has traded his starting goaltender a couple weeks before a big playoff run. Go ahead look.
I never said it was a good move, it might have bought us a few more wins against the Flyers but I doubt much more than that. But if we didn't trade him and we let him walk, I guarantee you'd be complaining that we didn't try to move him at the deadline.

Similarly, you find me a team that was fighting for a playoff spot, no matter how bad, that gave up key players at the deadline for pick. Go ahead look.

Price wasn't fine, he wasn't ready. We almost lost to poor boston team and he was not ready at all in the philly series. He let in terrible weak goals and cost us all momentum after we completely dominated them. Pretty straight forward stuff here.
I'm not talking about the playoffs. I'm talking about the final month of the regular season, where he went 12-3. And even in all the domination on the ice, the team couldn't bury ridiculous open net chances. Would Huet have been able to score on all those open nets?

If you know you aren't going to sign a player you gave up good assets for you trade his right. Doesn't matter what we got for Tanguay, something is better than nothing. Makes your meandering arguments pretty moot.
Alright, so Gainey should have preoccupied himself with getting 7th round picks for busted up players coming off some of their worst seasons instead of focusing on the draft and free agency, gotcha.

Edmonton, Calgary, Boston and Montreal in recent memory have all had cinderella runs for one reason or another and that was our year.

So you want us to be like Edmonton and Calgary? That would satisfy you? And Boston didn't have a cinderella run. They were third in the conference, had an incredibly deep team, and had an awesome goaltender who had been amazing from day one of the regular season.

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