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Originally Posted by Favre4Favre View Post
Agreed, but what's the difference between having him on our roster from the beginning of the season, to signing him once we lose a top six winger? Especially if we can get him for 1M right now.
I think you misunderstood my point...what i'm saying is that, let's say, God forbid...the Habs were to lose one of their top 6 players today and he would be out for the first 3 months of the season (totally hypothetical situation), then I could understand signing Kovalev...

To me, unless you're going to play Kovalev 15-18+ mins a game, every night, give him ample PP time, then there's no point in signing him (which doesnt even address the question of why you would want Kovalev play such a role anyways at this point in his career).

Basically, Kovalev does not have the ability to play as a support player...he's just not suited to play an adaptable role with shifting responsibilities and duties. He has and always will be the same type of player he always has been.

I can't argue this, as I don't know for sure. In saying that, hockey is a business. You can love your job, but if you feel you can get a few extra bucks on your contract. Would you not give it a shot? I just think that Kovalev didn't consider the fact that the Habs had other options. He got greedy and it backfired.
Agreed...but i'm just saying that's why I don't buy that he 'loves Montreal' as much as many portray he does. Andrei Markov you can say 'loves Montreal'...he's twice foregone unrestricted free agency to stay and play in Montreal. That's loyalty.

Now you're putting words in my mouth, as I never said anything remotely close to that. Kovalev came out and stated within days of signing the contract with the Sens. That he wished things had worked out differently and that he was back with the Habs. To me that sounds like he would "try harder" if given the chance to come back to play for the Habs. I'm not sure though, maybe that's just me.
To me, that sounds like a guy I don't want to sign...there's something wrong when you sign a contract in another city, then days later say you wish you had stayed in your original city. I mean, it's ok to think it...but to come out and flat out admit it to the media??? There's something wrong with that...

But that's just me

I would say he flopped in Pittsburgh more because his center for more than half the time he was there, was that Mark Letestu. With a variation of James Neal, Dustin Jeffrey, Maxine Talbot, Eric Tagrandi, Micheal Rupp, and Chris Kunitz playing on his opposite wing
Well if he were to sign with the Habs to a hypothetical 1yr 1M deal...he's going to play with Lars Eller, Andrei Kostitsyn, David Desharnais, Travis moen, Mathieu Darche, Ryan White.

If he couldn't get it done with the first group of players...what makes you think he will with the 2nd group? I mean, i'm a die hard Habs fans...but I don't see much difference between both groups.

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